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One Vision, One Community

Dedicated to creating community wellness that spans throughout Charleston and our Nation, Sheriff Kristin Graziano has been hard at work the last three years and needs your support to secure another term of lowered crime, safer neighborhoods, and a department of public servants who serve beyond the call. 

Internal Achievements

Skilled Training

Leadership Training & Skilled Team Building

Implemented compulsory leadership training for the next generation of leaders equipping them with essential skills for success in today’s law enforcement landscape. We encourage professionals to go above and beyond regular duties while actively fostering community relationships and contributing to solving community challenges. Established a solid groundwork and assembled a skilled and knowledgeable team dedicated to community service.

American flag

ESGR Patriot Award (2021)

Sheriff Kristin was nominated and  won the prestigious Patriot Award for supporting citizen warriors in the department. Our efforts included flexible schedules, time off before and after deployment, caring for families, and granting leaves of absence when needed.


Compensation Market Adjustment

Implemented a competitive compensation market adjustment for Law Enforcement and Detention.

As a direct result, the department has boosted recruitment and increased retention, strengthened quality applicants, enhanced performance and morale, built community relationships and enriched the workplace atmosphere. 

Military support

Freedom Award (2022)

Achieved the nation’s highest honor by receiving the agency’s first-ever Freedom Award. One of 15 recipients out of over 2,700 nominations. "The Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award recognizes employers’ support for employees serving in the Guard and Reserve."

PRIDE Core Values

Core Institutional Values

Developed and embraced new core institutional values to serve as the foundation for our mission and guide decision-making. 

Public Trust: Building community relationships to enhance trust.

Responsibility: Taking accountability for actions and holding each other responsible.

Inclusivity and Acceptance: Creating a working environment that celebrates individual uniqueness.

Diversity: Proactively incorporating diversity into recruitment policies.

Equality: Fostering a fair and supportive atmosphere for all, regardless of background or beliefs.


Seven Seals Award                 (2022)

State-level recognition for support of Guard and Service members. "The Seven Seals Award is presented in recognition of significant individual or organizational achievement, initiative, or support that promotes and supports the ESGR mission, to include the efforts of the more than 2,300 volunteers who carry out ESGR’s mission across the Nation on a daily basis."

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